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Past Projects.

Stratospheric TeraHertz Observatory (STO)


STO is a radio telescope supported by a 300m diameter balloon over Antarctica and operating at frequencies of 1.5 and 1.9 THz. This was a collaboration of several universities led by U. of Arizona with Caltech being responsible for low noise cryogenic amplifiers and downconverters. For details, click here.

Supercam 64-Pixel 345 GHz Camera


Caltech provided the low-noise cryogenic amplifiers and down-converters for a submillimeter camera collaboration led by U. of Arizona. For details on Supercam, click here.

34m Educational Radio Telescope (GAVRT)


Caltech delivered a unique 0.5 to 14 GHz radiometer system to be used for education and science. For details on "GAVRT", click here.

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