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LWA Hardware Paper, (1.8 MB pdf), Hicks, et al, Sep 2012


LWA LNA  Tests, (0.6 MB pdf), Weinreb, Dec 1, 2014


Fiber Link Report, (0.7 MB, .pdf ), Weinreb, Jul 24, 2014


Fiber Link Report Addendum (0.3 MB,pdf), Weinreb, Dec 16, 2014


Caltech 6m System Test, Dec 17, 2014, Kangping Hu


Caltech 6m Hydrogen Line Tests, 2013, Kangping Hu


Caltech 6m  Noise Tests, 2013, Kangping Hu


Caltech 6m Visual Basic Software, 2014, Calli Meyer


GAVRT Front-End Test Summary, DSS13 Pad Location, S. Weinreb and H. Mani, July 18, 2008


Computer Modeling of Wideband Tapered-Slot Microwave Antenna Feeds, (17.4MB pdf) Gabe Cohn, Caltech Electrical Engineering Dept, Sept. 19, 2007

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